Live video on social media platforms has been there in the world of digital presence since the last couple of years. Though 2017 saw an exponential growth in its use and viewership and we can expect the same in 2018. Live video is a great place to start if you’re a DIY kind of business owner.

Here is some data, I would like to share:

  1. Mobile is the most popular way to browse the web (51.4%)
  2. Laptops come in second at 43.4%
  3. Somewhere around 70% of searches are projected to come from mobile next year, so if you’re not working on your business’s mobile presence, you’re only marketing to 30% of those searches
  4. 80% of users said they’d rather watch a live video than read a blog post.
  5. According to Facebook, the live video gets 3x more views than simple texts, image or prerecorded video posts.
  6. Facebook made the biggest push to live video streaming, but it’s Instagram, where it is being used the most.

25 tips for live video streaming

Here are a few tips for making a live video that will yield awesome results:

  1. Promote before you broadcast schedule. Let your prospective audience know about your upcoming live video with social media posts and blogs.
  2. Push Facebook/Instagram ads to announce your broadcast schedule.
  3. Prepare and practice to ensure that viewers will be able to hear you clearly without distraction. For that set up your location carefully.
  4. Relax, smile and introduce yourself/company and purpose of the video.
  5. Prefer not to go live in HD mode. If your internet connection is good for HD, probably your audience internet speed may not be optimized for HD video stream.
  6. Close all your apps and programs running in back. They might be taking internet speed as well affect the performance of phone too.
  7. Be punctual with your broadcast.
  8. Try to minimize background and ambient noise as much as possible. It will make you more audible as well as fewer distractions in the video.
  9. Prefer holding mobile/tablet yourself or use a reliable mount to hold your mobile stable.
  10. Make sure your location has good, uninterrupted and reliable broadband connection.
  11. Either turn off your sim cards from phone setting or forward your calls to some other phone to avoid distractions.
  12. Agreed, you have practised your content, but communication is necessary here.
  13. Be spontaneous in answering the questions coming from viewers or have someone to revert to chat/comments.
  14. Announce in advance, if you want to take questions at the end of the video. It will help you to finish your broadcast first and then you can take question one by one.
  15. Use live video to give ‘behind the scene’ look of events.
  16. Use the live video opportunity to introduce your team to viewers, if in an event.
  17. Advertise an exclusive sale or promotion to anyone who watches your live video.
  18. Make sure your employees and the time are aware that you’re filming to avoid any mishaps.
  19. If you are going live from your workplace, make sure to appoint someone to manage visitors, if any at the time.
  20. It is recommended to go live during off hours. Since you can’t edit live video and people will see everything as it happens.
  21. Use live video to show off holiday displays and sales.
  22. Optimize your video by using relative hashtags.
  23. If running a contest to engage your audience, announce the winner as well.
  24. Don’t forget to thank your audience for support, compliments and appreciations.
  25. HAVE FUN! Go live whenever you have the opportunity. Feel like a star.

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