As a Digital Branding Consultant, there have been many occasions, when I have been asked to share tips on how to send a single message to many people on Instagram. Or questions like these:

  • How to send a single message to many people on Instagram? OR
  • How do I send the same message to many users on Instagram? OR
  • How to send a mass message on Instagram? OR
  • How to send many people a single message on Instagram? OR
  • Is it possible to send a mass message on Instagram, How?

The answer to all these questions is: Yes, you can send a single message to many people on Instagram. Yes, you can do mass messaging. You can always copy and paste messages, besides it will take a lot of time. However, there is an easier way of sending a single message to many people on Instagram. Here is how you can do it.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Ethical and Recommended
  2. Unethical and NOT RECOMMENDED

Ethical and Recommended way:

By the Ethical way, I mean the ways where no-one gets offended. Also, someone should not feel like their privacy has been invaded. Here is how you can send a single message to many people on Instagram ethically:

  • Create an Instagram Group of people you want to send the message to, and share your message in that group. It will reach all the members who have been added to the group.
  • Remember, Instagram works with one basic logic, Give and Take. It means, you follow the people of interest, admire their work and reach out, and eventually, they will follow and look at your profile too.
    Hence, Follow the people who have been added to this Instagram Group and try to make conversation, and when you feel the time is right, ask for their permission and share your promotional message.
  • Also, timing is everything. Sare your message with a regular interval between posting the message to as many users as possible. This needs to be well planned, hence, take your time to plan this.

Unethical and NOT RECOMMENDED way:

  • First of all, we don’t recommend it.
  • Unethical and not-recommended way to send a single message to many people on Instagram. Here, you send Instagram mass-messages to others without their permission. Furthermore, by doing this you actually invade the privacy of others.
  • For this, you can use bots or mass messaging apps for Instagram.
    It can be a shortcut to all your efforts to mass-messaging on Instagram, however, it is not recommended.
  • Also, this shortcut can be very dangerous to your Instagram profile.
  • Instagram always keeps scanning for these kinds of activities and the moment Instagram notices this suspicious activity on your account, it can result to getting your account blocked temporarily as a warning or can be taken down by Instagram. Hence, it’s recommended to avoid it.
  • By using third-party apps, you also put your account security and data at risk, so mind that.
  • Therefore, we don’t promote this method and will not list any of them here.

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Are you using this feature of mass messaging on Instagram? How do you do it? Share your tips about Instagram messaging in the comments below.

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